Section E

PIP Expo

Section E is a collaboration between Jesse van Epenhuijsen and Fenna Koot that explores the different perspectives on architecture and change in the space that now calls itself PIP Den Haag.

By viewing the building as an archive, Fenna and Jesse used municipal archives and various architectural approaches to highlight a place where previous ownerships, distant functionalities and slight alterations are part of a larger infrastructure of change and urban politics.

Through an evening of several performance and interventions, the aim is to peel away layers of the space - revealing modified facades and uncovering plans that suddenly disappeared.

If time allows

AIR Witte Rook 

For my residency period at Witte Rook in Breda (NL),
I was given ‘time’, ‘space’ and ‘visibility’ in return for my work.  

Time: 3 weeks

Space: An empty living space and a barn

Visibility: A co-resident, a presentation and an online article

How will I use this ‘time’? What does this ‘space’ mean to me?

To pass the time, I covered parts of the space with plasticine (a flexible type of clay that doesn’t dry out): the threshold, the baseboards, the window frame. This meditative process calmed me down after a busy period. The space was slowly but surely covered with clay. Unobtrusive, it was almost invisible.


Within my artistry, I react to the by man conditioned environment. I am interested in how our daily surroundings are shaped, already have been shaped and how this influences human behavior. This interest emerged after a number of conditioned actions in which I revised or emphasised my learned systems and habits.

The performance Nine-to-five is an example of this, where I visualised an 8-hour working day in very fine sawdust. In concrete terms, that meant during a period of 8 hours I sanded sawdust on a stool.