Upcoming exhibitions

  • 1-06-2022/25-09-2022
    Recidency program Destination Unkown
    Exhibition 23, 24, 25 September 2023

  • 11-10-2022/30-10-2022
    Kadmium, Deft
    De Poort collaboration with Amber van Rangelrooij and Emmie Liebregts

Recent exhibitions

Section E, 2022

Section E is a collaboration between Jesse van Epenhuijsen and Fenna Koot that explores the different perspectives on architecture and change in the space that now calls itself PIP Den Haag.

By viewing the building as an archive, Fenna and Jesse used municipal archives and various architectural approaches to highlight a place where previous ownerships, distant functionalities and slight alterations are part of a larger infrastructure of change and urban politics.

Through an evening of performance and interventions, the aim is to peel away layers of the space - revealing modified facades and uncovering plans that suddenly disappeared.

Performances, wall painting, photograph
Paint, objects, sound

Pavements, 2022

tiles, wood, moss

Stichting Wo Meine Sonne Scheint organized a project in some front gardens at Tuinzigt, an living area in Breda. 'Pavements' is a sculpter which stands in Anneke and Louis front garden.

Next level, 2022


At ‘A FRIEND IN CC’ Exhibition organized by @eighttrackprojects in collaboration with @komplot_brussels on Art Anderlecht Tour in Brussels @studiocitygate.

About building, 2021

'Benfiet voor Brabant' at Van Abbehuis Eindhoven (NL)

Cardboard & plaster