Artistic practice

Where is the hitch in the system? Fenna Koot is fascinated by how architectural spaces affect social structures. Her work consists of installations and sculptures that attempt to give renewed attention to that which is often taken for granted. It is precisely these self-evident elements that Fenna believes play a crucial role in the way we form and understand the world.

The friction between the rational on the one hand and the subjective on the other, such as the grid versus its breakthrough, the transparent versus the opaque is characteristic of her work. In commissioned work, the site-specific aspect gives her a lot of energy. "When I look at the built environment around me, I see a world there that seems to be very definitive. Many structures that support efficient and individual movement. It fascinates me how mankind has pretty much reduced the proliferating earth to a large sphere covered by a grid, the world'. With her installations and sculptures, Fenna forms a visual language that gives a more poetic approach to the concrete around us.

An ongoing serie based on stairs, banisters and steps.

An ongoing project in which I use a (non-existent) apartment building as a base to explore the physical and non-physical spaces around us.

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