Artistic practice

The focus of my practice is to observe and respond to the man-made constructions of the everyday environment, both present and perishing. Think about religious buildings, office buildings and apartment buildings. How can a building be approached as an archive, consisting of historical, public and social layers?

Mathematical systems are employed to approach life as a formula that, without faltering, can be solved. Thus, the office building embodies the paradox that consists of the complexity of business structures inside and the large amounts of glass on the outside, that should actually emphasise transparency.

I employ mathematical and the repetitive work methods to test my making and thinking. The friction between the rational on the one hand and the subjective on the other, like the grid versus its breakthrough, the transparent versus the opaque, the passage versus the gaze and the logic versus the absurd. The contrast and the in-between space are central to this.

specific works

An ongoing serie based on stairs, banisters and steps.

An ongoing project in which I use a (non-existent) apartment building as a base to explore the physical and non-physical spaces around us.

  • Objects

  • Performances