Group exibition PARK, Tilburg (NL)

Prospects, ART Rotterdam (NL)

Cacao Fabriek, Helmond (NL)

Residency with
Emmie Liebregts
Goethe Institute Villa Kamogawa Kyoto (JP)

Duo exhibition
with Floor Snels Greylights Projects

May- July
Duo exhibition with Emmie Liebregts
De Vitrines, Station Breda by Stichting KOP


Residency with
Emmie Liebregts 
St. Remy de Provence (FR)

Albert van Abbehuis, curated by Mieke van Schaijk 

Fenna Koot

By incorporating building techniques, construction methods and playing with concepts such as “building” and “inhabiting” I explore the relationship between humans and inhabited space within my installation work.

The friction between the rational on one side and the subjective on the other, such as the grid versus its breakthrough, the transparent versus the opaque is characteristic of my work. In commissions I like to work site-specific. When I look at the built environment around me, I see a world there that seems to be very defined. Many structures that support efficient and individual movement. It fascinates me how mankind has pretty much reduced the proliferating earth to a large sphere covered by a grid, the world.

(Studio image, picture by Puck Kroon)

Fenna Koot (Delft 1996), is graduated (2020) from St. Joost school of Art & design in Breda at the Fine Arts department. With her graduation project she won the Van Gogh AiR prize. Her work has been exhibited to various venues including Anderlecht ARTtour Brussels, Club Solo Breda and  ART The Hague. In 2024 she and her work/life partner Emmie Liebrets got selected for a for a three-month residency period at Goethe Institute Villa Kamogawa, Kyoto (JP). 

Currently supported by the Mondrian Start Stipend.