The apartment

Dear Reader,

We, you, currently as a reader, and I, as an artist, are now in a similar position. Not physically, not in our thoughts and certainly not in our memories. We are both about to enter into a new experience. You want something from me and I want something from you. We must meet. I’m telling you we are about to enter my apartment. Before we do, I request some imagination. The space I created consists of elements that could be part of a real apartment.

Now that you are still outside of The apartment, you can imagine yourself to be present in six separate corners. Together, these corners create the shape of the space in which we may meet each other. Imagine a doorpost. This doorpost does not actually hold a door and also has no walls around it. Consequently, the doorpost is accessible, in a casual way. As you often do, you could walk into the apartment through the doorpost, but the doorpost does not force you to do so. It offers you the possibility to get familiar with its dividing line of about ten centimeters. While you are still outside of The apartment, you see a brick wall.

This wall is not very wide, nor is it very high and it is not as firm as it seems.

I want to discourage you and to forbid you,  reader, to push against the wall so that it breaks. You will not do this, because I just forbade you. Remember: the wall is important.

Kind regards,

Fenna Koot

De hoeken, 2020
metal, stills from videowork 

De deurpost, 2020

De muur, 2020
brickstone, plaster, wood