• ART The Hague 4/8 October 2023
  • Residence at Van Gogh AIR, Vlaamse Schuur de Moeren Nov/Dec 2023
  • Witte Rook, groupshow November 2023
  • Jump! #4 Talenthub Provincie Noord-Brabant

Recent exhibitions
  • Vrouw Muskens
  • Hotel Solo#8, research project Club Solo

Supports and beams, 2023

Vrouw Muskens Residency program, GGZ-Dongen Brebrug

During the residency, I am working on the installation. The form is derived from a shelving unit. The structure is made from old stair railings I find in a storage facility for discarded materials. Some of the banisters I sand and saw into the "uprights" that make the unsanded remaining beams into "supports": supports and beams.

Where the ceiling seemed not to be high enough, 2023

Visual contribution HOTEL SOLO 8, research project by FLUID

Multimedia installation
metal, wood, ceremic, paper, string and other objects

Please note: DO NOT use in case of fire, 2023

Metal, plexiglass

About building, 2022


A project in which I dive in to a specific section of late twentieth century architectural history.

This installation consisting of many glass building plates refer to the systematic construction technique Plattenbau.

Yes, No and Maybe, 2022


ism. Emmie Liebregts and Amber van Rangelrooij at Kadmium Delft.

They who become part of the scenery itself, 2022

Permormance and sculpture

Destination Unkown residency program 2022 inside the In the vacant church De Heilig Hart kerk in Venlo.

‘Trap, kast, kelder’, 2022


Pavements, 2022

tiles, wood, moss

Stichting Wo Meine Sonne Scheint organized a project in some front gardens at Tuinzigt, an living area in Breda. 'Pavements' is a sculpter which stands in Anneke and Louis front garden.

Next level, 2022


At ‘A FRIEND IN CC’ Exhibition organized by @eighttrackprojects in collaboration with @komplot_brussels on Art Anderlecht Tour in Brussels @studiocitygate.